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Walking Tour + St. Jakob church

on this tour we will cover the city’s history and the most important buildings but also go inside our main church St. James (St. Jacob) (highly recommended) to see our two most beautiful altars. One of them was made by T. Riemenschneider, Germany’s most famous woodcarver who lived around 1500.

120 minutes (2hours)

Price (VAT incl.) 2019:
140,- Euro (for up to 25 pax / 26-50 Pax + 4,- Euro per person)

Admissions (2019 - no guarantee):
2,50 Euro per person for St. James (2,- Euro p.p. for groups over 10 Pax)

Abbildung: Holy Blood Altar - This altar is one of the masterpices of Tilman Riemenschneider